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Our Goal at Essential Compounds

Health and Wellness is a billion dollar industry and to most providers of wellness products and services you are just a number. But at Essential Compounds we believe in treating each customer as an individual. We want to provide you the best advice and products so you can live a healthy life by making informed wellness choices. The products we offer are all scientifically and market tested to assure they deliver the best nutrients to you. Our line of isotonic supplements are specially formulated to ensure the highest bioavailabilty of all active ingrediants. If you have question feel free to contact us at our email address above. We will assign a customer manager to each and every person to be sure you recieve the best service.

Make the right wellness decisions today to live a happy and productive tomorrow!

NEW Exiting Reseach study for Isotonic OPC-3®

OPC-3® is proven in a "double-blind, placebo-controlled design" research study to have a positive impact on cardiovacular health as well as anti-inflammatory effects. Dr. Cesarone and his colleagues publish their results for the Isotonix OPC-3® study in the Aug/Sept 2008 issue of journal of Angiology.(read more ... )

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