Essential compounds is now proud to carry one of the most effective anti-oxidents and free radical fighters on the market today in Isotonix OPC-3®.

Why do I say our product is so powerful? Isotonix OPC-3® is so powerful because it is a combination of grape seed, pine bark, red wine, bilberry and citrus extracts. Each of these ingredients alone are potent anti-oxidents but together they delivers protection from free radicals that is unparralled.

 OPC-3®: The free radical eliminator

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In addition, Isotonix OPC-3® uses an unique delivery process called isotonic delivery. When the OPC's in the powered form are mixed with the correct amount of water the solution it creates is iso-osmotic and therefore has high level of availability to the body. The unique blend of anti-oxidents (grape seed, pine bark, red wine, bilberry and citrus extracts) along with fructose, citric acid and potassium bicarbonate help to ensure that the mixed solution you drink is similiar to your own body in ph and osmolarity at it can move quickly into the small intestine for asorbtion. Most competing supplements come in a pill form containing fillers and binders. These added ingrediants must be first broken down and digested by the stomach before the nutrients can be absord by the small intestine. During the digestive period much of the potency of their formulas are lost.

Watch a short video here to better explain our Isontonix® delivery process

Exiting Reseach study for Isotonic OPC-3®

OPC-3® is proven in a "double-blind, placebo-controlled design" research study to have a positive impact on cardiovacular health as well as anti-inflammatory effects. Dr. Cesarone and his colleagues publish their results for the Isotonix OPC-3® study in the Aug/Sept 2008 issue of journal of Angiology.

You can view the abstract about the OPC-3® study at